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Pro : 1. Tom Schaar, 2. Cory Juneau, 3. Chris Russell, 4. Tristan Rennie, 5. Jimmy Wilkins, 6. Kiko Francisco, 7. Josh Rodriguez, 8. Clay Kreiner, 9. Keegan Palmer, 10. Moto Shibata

Masters : 1. Sandro Dias, 2. Andy Macdonald, 3. Chad Shetler, 4. Mitchell Mendez, 5. Lincoln Ueda, 6. Darren Navarrette, 7. Brian Patch, 8. Steve Revord, 9. Bennett Harada, 10. Kris Reeves

Legends : 1. Chris Miller, 2. Eric Nash, 3. Steve Caballero, 4. Lance Mountain, 5. Nicky Guerrero, 6. Mike McGill, 7. Pat Ngoho, 8. Tony Magnusson, 9. Christian Hosoi, 10. Steve Alba

Les Tofs de THRASHER.

Attention cette vidéo fait plus de 5H !!

Pedro Barros gagne le Vans Park Series Brazil

1/Pedro Barros – 2/ Ivan Federico – 3/Alex Sorgente – 4/ Tom Schaar – 5/ Cory Juneau – 6/ Murilo Peres – 7/ Willy Lara – 8/ Tristan Rennie

2017 Vans Park Series World Championship Tour Invitees Announced

Vans Park Series, the definitive World Championship park terrain skateboarding competition series for men and women, announces the pre-seeded World Championship Tour invitees in advance of the 2017 VPS Pro Tour series kick-off in Sydney, Australia on March 3-4.

The 2017 VPS World Championship Tour Invitees are comprised of eight men’s and three women’s VPS Select Pros and seven men’s Tour Wildcards. Select Pros are determined by previous year VPS World Championships results, and 2017 Tour Wildcards and Tour Challengers are selected by a committee of competition organizers, sport organizers and event promoters to bring exciting new faces and challenges to the VPS Pro Tour elite.
Vans Park Series
2017 World Championship Tour Invitees*
Select Pros : Alex Sorgente, Pedro Barros, Ivan Federico, Cory Juneau, Ben Hatchell, Kevin Kowalski, Grant Taylor, Jack Fardell
Tour Wildcards: Chris Russell, Curren Caples, Greyson Fletcher, Ishod Wair, Oskar Rozenberg, Raven Tershy, Ronnie Sandoval
Women’s Select Pros : Brighton Zeuner, Jordan Barratt, Kisa Nakamura.

The remaining field of men’s and women’s official 2017 VPS Pro Tour Challengers will be available online at

Vans Park Series 2017 World Tour Schedule
Global Qualifiers : Australia – March 4* • Brazil – April 8* • Sweden – May 27*  • Canada – July 8* • United States – August 1-5
 World Championships: United States – September TBA
 *Men’s-only event

Live Webcast details will be available on

Follow the Vans Park Series on social media or sign up online now for the latest information on Vans Park Series event details, elite pros, official sanctions and competition formats. @vansparkseries on InstagramYouTubeFacebookTwitter

Denim Cup – La vidéo et les résultats

1/ Cory Juneau. 2/ Robin Bolian. 3/ Karl Berglind. 4/ Alex Halford. 5/ Vince Matheron. 6/ Philip Eidenborg. 7/ Melvin Abdou-Salam. 8/ Ian Campbell. 9/ Stan Palha. 10/ Peter Boccalini. 11/ Aron Buzas. 12/ Sammy Idri. 14/ Romuald Link. 15/ Noah Hahieu. 16/ Yoan Orlande Delassus. 17/ James McInnes. 18/ Adrien Del Pino. 19/ Alexy Moreau. 20/ Mehdi Mercier. 21/ Marius Gourdal

Best Trick Street Monster Energy : Romuald Link – Frontside Bluntslide. Best Trick Bowl dans le cradle : Alex Halford – kickflip melon to fakie. Monster Grind : Vincent Matheron. Monster Air : Cory Juneau

12th Annual Vans Pool Party_Résultats

Final Results
Pros : 1st Pedro Barros. 2nd Cory Juneau. 3rd Bucky Lasek
Legends : 1st Lance Mountain. 2nd Steve Caballero. 3rd Chris Miller
Masters : 1st Darren Navarette. 2nd Bruno Passos. 3rd Jed Fuller

In the chance that you missed the action, check the archived Vans Pool Party webcast right here.

The Stay Gold B-sides #2 – Braydon Szafranski

En filmant Stay Gold, Jon Miner a accumulé des gigas et des gigas d’images sur ses disques durs. A ce jour, uniquement un infime pourcentage de ce footage a pu être vu, seulement les meilleures images. Heureusement pour nous, Jon s’est replongé dans ses disques durs pour en extraire du footage inédit, des seconds angles, des slams et autres bizarreries qui se sont passé pendant le tournage de Stay Gold.

[news] Stay Gold – The Emerica Video: Global Release Date Announced!

The wait is finally over!
On September 1, 2010, Stay Gold – The Emerica Video officially becomes available worldwide!

The highly anticipated Stay Gold – The Emerica Video, Emerica’s first full-length feature since 2003’s This Is Skateboarding, features groundbreaking skating from the Emerica Team – Andrew Reynolds, Heath Kirchart, Leo Romero, Bryan Herman, Kevin “Spanky” Long, Jerry Hsu, Braydon Szafranski, Aaron Suski and Brandon Westgate – along with breakthrough parts from Young Emericans Jamie Tancowny, Justin “Figgy” Figueroa, Collin Provost, Marquis Preston, and friends.

The stage has been set for the introduction of a new skateboarding classic from Emerica, directed by Jon Miner.

Check out the new teaser with Jerry Hsu on right now.

Stay tuned for more information and details on the world premier of Stay Gold – The Emerica Video in Hollywood, CA this August along with global premiere dates and locations featuring the Emerica team.

Call your local skateshop and reserve your copy of Stay Gold – The Emerica Video today!