lundi, mai 27, 2024

Vans Nordic Tour Video


The Vans Nordic Tour video follows the guys as they destroy Copenhagen, Malmö, Stockholm and Helsinki in true viking style. The Vans Nordic Tour video – produced by Bitchslap Magazine and directed by Pierre Stachurska – introduces some of the north’s best young riders from Denmark, Sweden and Finland. The team edit is now available online for your enjoyment. We can surely expect great things from this crew in the future.
Welcome To The Team
Finland : Nikolai Alin – Team manager Nordics. Petrus Marttila
Denmark : Björn Lillesoe. Andreas Laustsen. Hinnerk Petersen (Vans Family)
Sweden : Aron Buzas. Daniel Wårdh. Chai Keuter. Kalle Berglind. Enrico Petralia. Martin Pennlöwe