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Au revoir, au revoir… Brian Anderson


Juste que pour dire que Brian Anderson a décidé de quitter GIRL SKATEBOARDS.

En attendant d’en savoir plus sur ses projets futurs, la gallerie de photos faite en 2010, lors de la démo Nike Sb Tour : The Bird is the Word.

Pas plus d’infos, mais quelques idée dans les commentaires.

Cliché Teasers

la dernière production Cliché sera dispo en shop et sur iTunes à partir du 24 avril… en attendant…

Vans “Off The Wall” proudly presents DERP



Vans is happy to announce the release of DERP, a multifaceted project featuring our European skateboarding team.

150In the mid 1970s a new breed of skateboarder emerged. Taking advantage of the drought sweeping southern California, these pioneering riders made use of the many empty and abandoned swimming pools that littered the regions backyards.
35 years later, hunting out new spots and making the most of terrain and obstacles not originally intended to be ridden is still a major part of skateboardings anti-establishment attitude.

Employing a dedicated team of urban explorers, we scoured Europe for unique locations rarely seen by the general public, and that have never been skated before, documenting the process as we went along. 

We started at the Kupari Tourist Complex in Dubrovnik, Croatia which was heavily shelled during the conflict that beset the region, now only ruins remain of this sprawling complex. Next stop took us to the remnants of the Dutch Pavilion, a left over from the Expo 2000 World’s Fair in Hanover, Germany. Finally, amidst the Olympic fever of summer 2012 we ventured to Athens, Greece to explore the legacy of the 2000 games.

The resulting documentation is available via three episodes of DERP: Derelict Places and are exclusively available online at
With the Dubrovnik and Hanover episodes already available, the final installment featuring Athens will be launched on 1 April. 

The video edits are not the only part of documentation for the project; Vans has also produced the DERP zine which features 66 pages of photographic documentation by Davy Van Laere showcasing Vans riders like Nassim Guammaz, Sam Partaix, Kris Vile, Ross McGouran, Josh Young and others is available free at selected Skateshops across Europe.

Dilligent skateboards

Des petites videos parts du team, des anciennes des recentes, un peu de tout pour le Forum.

Plus d’infos :

Lifeblood Skateboards Welcomes Josh Rodriguez

Vincent Bressol_Metropolitan Skateboards


Metropolitan Skateboards

Welcome to the VANS Pro Team – Victor PELLEGRIN

Today we’re very proud to welcome Victor PELLEGRIN in our French ProTeam.
Victor is definitely our new young killer and you should hear a lot from him in the upcoming months.

You’ll find here his welcome edit

New Black Label Team Rider Riley Stevens‏


Black Label Skateboards is proud to announce new team rider Riley Stevens!
From Phoenix Arizona to living under the bridge at San Pedro’s Channel St. AKA Flannel St.
Riley is a 100% skateboarder, always on the go, ADHD, skate all day everyday, raw energy, raw power, hyper active, non stop, ADD, coping grinding, board smashing, concrete pirate!
Welcome aboard the crazy train.
See Riley and the rest of the Black Label crew in the new Label promo “BLACK BLOOD” coming real soon.

Welcome to the team Julien !

Le marseillais Julien Benoliel viens fraichement d’intégrer le Team des fous furieux de chez Bacon skateboards.

[FB 10200405377318151]

Remy Taveira à un nouveau sponsor ;)

Ben chez Birdhouse… on est content pour lui !