lundi, juin 17, 2024

De Paris/Aus Berlin / Of London Yearbook- 3 – full lenght video -Premiere

Along our yearly book productions and photo exhibitions, we’re releasing our new video called – 3 -.
We’re releasing our new full lenght video today on the internet ( 27min), which will be on free share for every media from now (wednesday – 4.30pm french time). After ou last year video Deuxieme Vague

This Year our New video  – 3 – is an independant european video, include 3 edits of unseen footages around Paris London and Berlin, this answers to the books and has been filmed along 2015. It includes 3 sections: – 10min Paris, edited by Guillaume Périmony – 10 min Berlin edited By Mark Nickels and 8 minutes Of London edited by Austin Bristow. It features Solo Parts of: Marca Barbier, Yoshi Tannenbaum, Michael Macrkodt and Harry Lintel. But also: Remy Taveira, Kevin Rodriguez, Roman Gonzales, Tom Knox, Jake Collins, Jarne Verbrugen, Didrik Galasso, Juan Saavedra, Denny Pham, Giorgi Armani, Dennis Busenitz, Kyron Davis and many many others.Produced by DPY / Thomas Busuttil.

Books order are available online here :