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Emerica Westgate commercial

While filming for MADE, Brandon was also crafting a new shoe by Emerica.
The Westgate is available for every skater starting today.

The Westgate maintains Emerica’s commitment to a new breed of skate footwear that is being fostered, prioritizing a structurally rich skate shoe that still looks great.

The Westgate embodies a new look, featuring a medial sidewall for breathability, a one-piece toecap to prevent blowouts and to give a better flick, a G6™ high-rebound foam midsole to reduce weight, flex grooves in the outsole for an even quicker break-in period and flexibility, and Emerica Triangle Tread™, made of a high-density rubber heel drag panel to get the most grip and durability possible.

Building off of Emerica’s heritage, The Westgate touches back to our roots putting a modern spin on classic skate footwear. It’s time for the industry to start creating Higher Quality skate shoes and Emerica is hyped to take that leading role. The Westgate is a perfect example of this.

Vans Downtown Showdown

Résultats Street_Tony Hawk Show

Bastien Salabanzi

Le classement des riders du contest street du Tony Hawk Show Paris 2009 :

  1. Bastien Salabanzi : 6000€ – sponso Jart Skateboard, Hawaii Surf Skateshop, Rusty
  2. Eero Antilla : 4000€ – sponso Globe, Jart Skateboard
  3. Chris Pfanner 2400 € – sponso Vans, Anti Hero, Volcom
  4. Chris Vile – sponso Vans, Santa Cruz UK
  5. Julien Bechet – sponso Jart Skateboard Gravis, Pull In
  6. Dominik Dietrich – sponso Quiksilver, Zero, Gravis
  7. Samu Karvonen – sponso Antiz, Circa
  8. Alex Olson – sponso Girl Skateboard, Vans, Quiksilver, Independent