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Jordyn Barratt on Powell Peralta

Check out a new addition to Powell Peralta, Jordyn Barratt. Jordyn won the Vans Women’s Pro Combi contest a couple weeks ago.
I’ve been flowing her Bones Wheels and Bones Bearings for quite a while now, and I am stoked on her progression!
During the sesh last night at the Vans Combi Bowl, Cab approves!

Follow Jordyn on Instagram at @jordynbarratt

Here’s her 1st place run in the Combi Contest as posted by Thrasher Magazine:

Vert Attack X_Résultats et vidéos.

1/ Lizzie Armanto, USA. 2/ Brighton Zeuner, USA. 3/ Nicole Hause, USA. 4/ Allysha Le, USA. 5/ Poppy Starr Olsen, Australia. 6/ Julz Lynn. 7/ Jordyn « Jordy » Barratt, USA.

1/ Neal Hendrix, USA. 2/ Jocke « Airlines » Olsson, Sweden. 3/ Nicky Guerrero, Denmark. 4/ John ‘J-Mag’ Magnusson, Sweden. 5/ Mike Frazier, USA. 6/ Sebastien Daurel, France. 7/ Mathias Sernklo, Sweden. 8/ Rich « The Beast » Lopez, USA.

1/ Clay Kreiner, USA. 2/ Jimmy Wilkins, USA. 3/ Sam Beckett, UK. 4/ Rune Glifberg, DEN. 5/ Chris Russel, USA. 6/ Jessie Thomas, UK. 7/ Edgard « Vovo » Doroira, BRA.