CLASH 2010 presented by Relentless // Press Release #3

> This is the last press release before the CLASH 2010 takes place on 29th and 30th of May at Skatehall Berlin, Germany.
Please find attached the press release containing the latest updates, a final list of competing skateboarders and the schedule.

During the event we keep you posted on

As last year, we will produce two highlight clips: – Highlights Saturday: Online on Sunday 12 am – Highlights Sunday: Online on Monday 10 am

16:00 Practice
16:00 Riders Sign In

SATURDAY     09:00 – 12:30 Riders Sign In
09:00 Street Qualification
12:30 Street Elimination (Invitational)
17:15 Best Trick Session Street
18:30 Death or Glory Bowl Jam presented by Zimtstern
22:00 Video Premiere „Einmal Reicht“ by Chinchilla Crew
and Magenta „Microcosme“
23:00 Aftershow Party at Cassiopeia Club with DJ Rafik

SUNDAY          12:30 Street Semifinal
15:00 Girls Jam
16:45 Street Final
17:45 Best Trick Session Street
18:15 Awards Ceremony

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